Limit task batch size

    Use this experimental feature to limit the number of tasks Meilisearch performs in a single batch. May improve stability in systems handling a large queue of resource-intensive tasks.

    To enable it, relaunch Meilisearch with the --experimental-max-number-of-batched-tasks command-line option, specifying the maximum amount of tasks you want to process in a single batch:

    ./meilisearch --experimental-max-number-of-batched-tasks 100

    You may also activate this option with environment variables or in the configuration file by using MEILI_EXPERIMENTAL_MAX_NUMBER_OF_BATCHED_TASKS.

    Visit the GitHub discussion to learn how to use this feature.

    Are you using this feature? Meilisearch wants to hear from you! Tell us about your experience in the GitHub discussion. All feedback is useful and helps make Meilisearch better and easier to use.


    This is an experimental feature. Experimental features are unstable: their API might significantly change and become incompatible between releases. Meilisearch does not recommend using experimental features in a production environment.

    Meilisearch makes experimental features available expecting they will become stable in a future release. However, it is not possible to guarantee when and if this will happen.