Configure application monitoring metrics

    Enable Meilisearch Cloud monitoring to keep track of application performance and service status.


    You must have a Meilisearch Cloud account to access monitoring metrics.

    Enable monitoring in the project overview

    Log into your Meilisearch Cloud account and navigate to your project's overview. Find the "Analytics and monitoring" section and click on the "Enable analytics and monitoring" button:

    The analytics and monitoring section of the project overview. It shows one button, "Enable analytics and monitoring", and a short explanation of both features.

    Meilisearch Cloud will begin processing your request. The "Analytics and monitoring" section will update with new instruction text and buttons when the feature is enabled.

    Monitoring and analytics

    Activating monitoring will automatically activate analytics.

    Update URLs in your application

    When you enable monitoring, Meilisearch Cloud changes your project's API URL. Meilisearch Cloud is only able to track metrics for queries sent to this URL.

    Update your application so all API requests point to the new URL:

    curl \
      -X POST '' \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      --data-binary '{ "q": "green socks" }'

    The previous API URL will remain functional, but requests targeting it will not send any data to the monitoring interface.