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Discover why companies choose Meilisearch and learn from the best practices for enhancing discovery and search-based conversions.

Hugging Face

Today, Meilisearch is used by Hugging Face to power the discoverability of 300,000+ AI models, datasets, and demos. It’s really important for AI democratization because if the knowledge is out there, but you can’t access it - what’s the point?”

  • Mishig Davaadorj, Software engineer at Hugging Face
Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton utilizes Meilisearch as a universal search solution in its brick-and-mortar stores.

By partnering with Meilisearch, the Louis Vuitton team is able to provide the highest level of customer experience worldwide.


"With Meilisearch, we achieved a 43% improvement in purchase conversion compared to our previous search engine. Now, 1 out of 5 customers easily find and purchase the book they were looking for."

Andy Hunter, CEO at


"Using Meilisearch's open-source version for proof of concept, a single developer was able to quickly implement the complete flow, including UI and backend changes. This validated our use case and confirmed that Meilisearch was the right solution for our requirements. After that, transitioning to the Cloud was effortless."

Nitin Muthyala, Co-Founder and CTO at HitPay

Super Hi-Fi

Symfony chose Meilisearch to have better control of the parsing and indexing of contents and to improve the quality of the search results


"Meilisearch felt like magic compared to other solutions I've tried. Whether it's typo tolerance or the default configuration, I got fantastically relevant results right after setup, with no particular tweaks." - Anthony Catel, Co-founder of Minipouce

Go Rails

“Meilisearch empowers lightning-fast and relevant search results tailored to customer needs. Seamless integration boosts developer experience, making setup, testing, and CI/CD automation efficient. It's cost-effective, leading to substantial savings for Qogita."

Ivo Silva, Engineering Director at Qogita

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