Meilisearch Cloud teams

    Meilisearch Cloud teams are groups of users who all have access a to specific set of projects. This feature is designed to help collaboration between project stakeholders with different skillsets and responsibilities.

    When you open a new account, Meilisearch Cloud automatically creates a default team. A team may have any number of team members.

    Team roles and permissions

    There are two types of team members in Meilisearch Cloud teams: owners and regular team members.

    Team owners have full control over a project's administrative details. Only team owners may change a project's billing plan or update its billing information. Additionally, only team owners may rename a team, add and remove members from a team, or transfer team ownership.

    A team may only have one owner.

    Multiple teams in the same account

    If you are responsible for different applications belonging to multiple organizations, it might be useful to create separate teams. There are no limits for the amount of teams a single user may create.

    It is not possible to delete a team once you have created it. However, Meilisearch Cloud billing is based on projects and there are no costs associated with creating multiple teams.