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Whatever your needs, we can find the right plan that will fit your business perfectly.
CloudHosted and fully‑managed options for Meilisearch, designed for workflow and business needs.
DedicatedFor production applications.
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  • Highly available by default
  • Multiple region available
  • Up to 128Gb of RAM
  • Up to 1TB of storage
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EnterpriseContact our sales team to ask for a fully custom quote.
  • Premier support
  • Premium SLA
  • More resources
Open Source
FreeStart using Meilisearch now by downloading our open source version. You will have the possibility in the future to move to our cloud easily.


Search CapabilitiesOpen SourceCloud
Customizable relevency
Typo tolerence
Geosearch capacity
Sorting results
Automatic language detection
Stop words
API key management
Tenant tokens
Multi-index search
Faceted search
Project ManagementOpen SourceCloud
Interface to browse your documentssearch previewComing soon
Interface to configure your searchComing soon
Interface to manage your API keysComing soon
Interface to view logsComing soon
Interface to view tasksComing soon
Search analyticsComing soon
Operational ManagementOpen SourceCloud
High availabilityManualAutomatic
Server ScalingManualAutomatic
Zero-downtime upgradesManualAutomatic
Continuous backup and recoveryManualAutomatic
Service monitoring
HTTPS/SSL by default
Custom server configurationYour infrastructureContact sales
SupportOpen SourceCloud
Email support
SLA for 99.99% uptimeContact sales
Premier supportContact sales
Pricing assistant

We can help you choose the right plan

What is your use case?


What is the best server size for my needs?
The size of the machine you need will depend on many factors. The number of documents, the size of those documents, the number of filters/sorts you will need. If you want to get a quick estimate of how big you can get to start with, get a machine that has at least ten times the disk space of your dataset.
Is Meilisearch cloud highly available?
Yes, no need to sell you 3 nodes, Meillisearch is highly available by default. It’s totally transparent for you.
I have never used a search engine before. Can I use Meilisearch anyway?
Of course! No knowledge of ElasticSearch or Solr is required to use Meilisearch. Meilisearch is really easy to use and thus accessible to all kinds of developers. Take a quick tour to learn the basics of Meilisearch! We also provide a lot of tools, including SDKs, to help you integrate easily Meilisearch in your project. We're adding new tools every day! Plus, you can contact us if you need any help. We will answer for sure!
Do I need to configure Meilisearch to get it working?
Meilisearch configuration works out-of-the-box. It means, by default, Meilisearch configures necessary settings for providing a powerful and relevant search. For example, without requiring any configuration, Meilisearch is typo tolerant. Type "create an index" in the documentation search bar to experience the typo tolerance of our search engine. To find out more about the relevancy of Meilisearch, take a look at this detailed explanation. However, Meilisearch is of course highly customizable in order to adapt the search to your needs by setting synonyms, stop words, and custom ranking rules.
How to know if Meilisearch perfectly fits my use cases?
Since Meilisearch is an open-source and easy-to-use tool, you can give it a try using your data. Follow this guide to get a quick start! Besides, we published a comparison between Meilisearch and other search engines with the goal of providing an overview of Meilisearch alternatives.
Which languages can Meilisearch handle?
Meilisearch works perfectly with English, kanji, and Romance languages. If you have any hesitation about your language handling, please contact us.