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The next generation of search engine

A blazingly fast and hyper relevant search-engine for businesses who want to improve their conversion and user experience

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Instant Search Engine

Every app or web app deserves the best search experience possible.

Enhance your user's experience and your conversion rate with our open-source search engine. Meili is helping you in building the best search experience.

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High relevancy

We built our search engine with state-of-the-art algorithms and natural language processing features to find the most relevant results to the queries.

Our search engine handles typos, synonyms, n-grams, and is language-agnostic!

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Faster than light

The best search interface couldn't come without a search-as-you-type experience, and that is the reason why our search-engine was built with speed in mind.

On each keystroke, our search engine is responding within 10ms to ensure this instantaneous impression.

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Simple to integrate

You can focus on your job while we handle the search.
Building a search bar can be complicated and time-consuming.

We help you by providing a full search service as a service or setting it up on your infrastructure and manage high-availability and geo-replication.

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Easy to customize

The search engine is configured by default with six ranking rules.

While the rules fit most usages, you can reorder them, add new rules, or delete these rules to customize the search experience for your specific needs.

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During the beta, you can try and use our service for free. This will help us calculate and build our pricing offer.

Our search engine is open source, which means you can also use it for free. As an open-source business, we can also help you set it up on your infrastructure.


  • Customizable search
  • Self hosted
  • Online documentation
  • Community support
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Up to

  • 10 000 documents
  • 10kb / document
  • 100K search requests / month
  • 10K updates / month


  • On-premise
  • Custom features
  • Dedicated support
  • High availability & geo-replication

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