Deactivate search analytics and monitoring

    This guide shows you how to deactivate Meilisearch Cloud's search analytics and monitoring.

    Disable analytics and monitoring in the project overview

    Log into your Meilisearch Cloud account and navigate to your project's overview. Find the "Analytics and monitoring" section and press the "Disable analytics and monitoring" button:

    The analytics section of the project overview. It shows one button, "Disable analytics and monitoring", and a short explanation of both features.

    Update URLs in your application

    Disabling analytics and monitoring changes your API URL. Update your application so all API requests point to the correct URL:

    curl \
      -X POST 'https://PROJECT_URL/indexes/products/search' \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      --data-binary '{ "q": "green socks" }'

    The previous API URL will remain functional, but Meilisearch recommends not using it after disabling analytics in your project. If you created any custom API keys using the previous URL, you will need to replace them.

    Update conversion and click events

    If you were tracking conversion and click events, update your application to stop sending them to Meilisearch Cloud.