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    What is Meilisearch?

    Meilisearch is a RESTful search API. It aims to be a ready-to-go solution for everyone who wants a fast and relevant search experience for their end-users ⚡️🔎

    Efficient search engines often require a significant investment of resources. They are only accessible to companies with the means necessary to develop a bespoke search solution that fits their needs.

    Small-to-medium-sized businesses commonly resort to subpar search engines that incur invisible costs on their user experience and retention due to poor search fulfillment.

    That's why we created Meilisearch: An open source solution accessible to everyone, designed to meet a vast majority of needs. Requiring very little configuration to be installed, yet highly customizable.

    Our solution delivers an instant search experience including typo handling, filters, custom rankings, and many more features. Read on to learn more.


    Search bar updating results Meilisearch helps you find where to watch a movie at where2watch.meilisearch.com.



    Our goal is to provide a simple and intuitive experience for both developers and end-users. Ease of use was the primary focus of Meilisearch from its first release, and it continues to drive its development today.

    Meilisearch's ease-of-use goes hand-in-hand with ultra relevant search results. Meilisearch sorts results according to a set of ranking rules. Our default ranking rules work for most use cases as we developed them by working directly with our users. You can also configure the search parameters to refine your search even further.

    Meilisearch should not be your main data store. It is a search engine, not a database. Meilisearch should contain only the data you want your users to search through. If you must add data that is irrelevant to search, be sure to make those fields non-searchable to improve relevancy and response time.

    Meilisearch provides an intuitive search-as-you-type experience with response times under 50 milliseconds, no matter whether you are developing a site or an app. This helps end-users find what they are looking for quickly and efficiently. To make that happen, we are fully committed to the philosophy of prefix search.

    Give it a try!

    Instead of showing you examples, why not just invite you to test Meilisearch interactively in the out-of-the-box search preview we deliver?

    There's no need to write a single line of front-end code. All you need to do is follow this guide to give the search engine a try!