Supported operating systems

    Meilisearch officially supports Windows, MacOS, and many Linux distributions. Consult the installation guide for more instructions.

    Meilisearch binaries might still run in unsupported environments.


    Use Meilisearch Cloud to integrate Meilisearch with applications hosted in unsupported operating systems.


    The Meilisearch binary works on all Linux distributions with amd64/x86_64 or aarch64/arm64 architecture using glibc 2.27 and later. You can check your glibc version using:

    ldd --version


    The Meilisearch binary works with macOS 12 and later with amd64 or arm64 architecture.


    The Meilisearch binary works on Windows Server 2022 and later.

    It is likely the Meilisearch binary also works with Windows OS 10 and later. However, due to the differences between Windows OS and Windows Server, Meilisearch does not officially support Windows OS.


    If the provided binaries do not work on your operating system, try building Meilisearch from source. If compilation fails, Meilisearch is not compatible with your machine.