Postman collection for Meilisearch

    Are you tired of using the curl command in your terminal to test Meilisearch? It can be tedious to re-write every route when wanting to try out an API.

    Postman is a platform that lets you create HTTP requests you can easily reuse and share with everyone. We provide a Postman collection containing all the routes of the Meilisearch API! 🚀

    If you don't have Postman already, you can download it here. It's free and available on many OS distributions.

    Import the collection

    Once you have downloaded the Postman collection, you need to import it into Postman.

    The "Import" button

    Edit the configuration

    Selecting "Edit" from the overflow menu

    Set the "Token" if needed (set to masterKey by default):

    The "Token" field set to masterKey and "Type" to Bearer Token in the "Authorization" tab.

    Set url (set to Meilisearch's local port by default) and indexUID (set to indexUID by default):

    Setting the "URL" to http://localhost:7700/ and "indexUID" to indexUId in the Variables tab.

    The url and indexUID variables are used in all the collection routes, like in this one:

    Highlighting {url} and {indexUID}

    Start to use it!

    You can now run your Meilisearch instance and create your first index:

    The "Send" button