All index settings

    The table below shows the index-level settings available in Meilisearch.

    NameTypeDefault valueDescription
    displayedAttributesArray of stringsAll attributes: ["*"]Fields displayed in the returned documents
    distinctAttributeStringnullSearch returns documents with distinct (different) values of the given field
    facetingObjectDefault objectFaceting settings
    filterableAttributesArray of stringsEmptyAttributes to use as filters and facets
    paginationObjectDefault objectPagination settings
    rankingRulesArray of strings["words",
    List of ranking rules in order of importance
    searchableAttributesArray of stringsAll attributes: ["*"]Fields in which to search for matching query words sorted by order of importance
    sortableAttributesArray of stringsEmptyAttributes to use when sorting search results
    stopWordsArray of stringsEmptyList of words ignored by Meilisearch when present in search queries
    synonymsObjectEmptyList of associated words treated similarly
    typoToleranceObjectDefault objectTypo tolerance settings