Facet search

    The /facet-search route allows you to search for facet values. Facet search supports prefix search and typo tolerance. The returned hits are sorted lexicographically in ascending order. You can configure how facets are sorted using the sortFacetValuesBy property of the faceting index settings.

    Facet search on numbers

    Meilisearch does not support facet search on numbers. Convert numeric facets to strings to make them searchable.

    Internally, Meilisearch represents numbers as float64. This means they lack precision and can be represented in different ways, making it difficult to search facet values effectively.

    Search for a facet value within a given facet.


    This endpoint will not work without first explicitly adding attributes to the filterableAttributes list. Learn more about facets in our dedicated guide.


    Meilisearch's facet search does not support multi-word facets and only considers the first term in thefacetQuery.

    For example, searching for Jane will return Jane Austen, but searching for Austen will not return Jane Austen.


    NameTypeDefault valueDescription
    facetName *StringnullFacet name to search values on
    facetQueryStringnullSearch query for a given facet value. If facetQuery isn't specified, Meilisearch performs a placeholder search which returns all facet values for the searched facet, limited to 100
    qString""Query string
    filterString*nullFilter queries by an attribute's value
    matchingStrategyStringlastStrategy used to match query terms within documents
    attributesToSearchOnArray of stringsnullRestrict search to the specified attributes


    facetHits.valueStringFacet value matching the facetQuery
    facetHits.countIntegerNumber of documents with a facet value matching value
    facetQueryStringThe original facetQuery
    processingTimeMsNumberProcessing time of the query


    curl \
      -X POST 'http://localhost:7700/indexes/books/facet-search' \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      --data-binary '{
        "facetQuery": "fiction",
        "facetName": "genres",
        "filter": "rating > 3"

    Response: 200 Ok