The /dumps route allows the creation of database dumps. Dumps are .dump files that can be used to restore Meilisearch data or migrate between different versions.

    Meilisearch Cloud and dumps

    Meilisearch Cloud does not support the /dumps route.

    Learn more about dumps.

    Create a dump


    Triggers a dump creation task. Once the process is complete, a dump is created in the dump directory. If the dump directory does not exist yet, it will be created.

    Dump tasks take priority over all other tasks in the queue. This means that a newly created dump task will be processed as soon as the current task is finished.

    Learn more about asynchronous operations.


    curl \
      -X POST 'http://localhost:7700/dumps'

    Response: 202 Accepted

      "taskUid": 1,
      "indexUid": null,
      "status": "enqueued",
      "type": "dumpCreation",
      "enqueuedAt": "2022-06-21T16:10:29.217688Z"

    You can use this taskUid to get more details on the status of the task