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Search as you type for React

Build performant, responsive search interfaces by pairing Meilisearch with React Instantsearch.

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All you need to get started building search UI. Get started with out-of-the-box components and scale with more advanced features.

  • UI components illustration

    UI components

    All the essential components to build a search UI: search bars, refinement lists, pagination, and more.

  • Routing  illustration


    Keep your pages URLs in sync with the active filters and pagination state to improve UX and SEO.

  • Server-side rendering illustration

    Server-side rendering

    Render your search results from the server to improve your page first load and search engine indexing.

  • Customize with Hooks illustration

    Customize with Hooks

    Use hooks to create custom search components and go beyond the default UI widget library.

  • Search analytics illustration

    Search analytics

    Get insights on your users thanks to complete compatibility with Meilisearch analytics.

  • Open-source illustration


    Benefit from all the community learning materials, resources, and support.

Get started with React

Check out our resources to help you integrate search in your React applications.

Next.js demo

Check out our open-source demo to learn how to integrate Meilisearch's hybrid search with Next.js 14.

Instantsearch guide

Learn to build search-as-you-type for React applications with the Instantsearch library.

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