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Vector search for LangChain

Add semantic search to your applications by integrating Meilisearch as a LangChain vector store

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Integrated search solution

All you need to power a variety of search experiences

  • Product recommendations illustration

    Product recommendations

    Find and suggest similar items to help connect a buyer with a product.

  • Intuitive Q&A bots illustration

    Intuitive Q&A bots

    Plow through documentation and Q&A articles to find answers based on true intent.

  • Contextual search illustration

    Contextual search

    Improve relevancy and accuracy through deep understanding of query's meaning

  • Filters illustration


    Enhance your user's search experience with custom filters and build a faceted search interface in a few lines of code.

  • Ironclad security illustration

    Ironclad security

    Sealed, signed, delivered. API keys and tenant tokens help you specify who can search what.

  • Open-source illustration


    Benefit from all the community learning materials, resources, and support.

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LangChain guide

Master semantic search with this step-by-step guide to integrating Meilisearch and LangChain. Learn how to use OpenAI's text embeddings to build an application to perform similarity searches across a movie dataset.

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