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Full-text & AI search with JavaScript

Harness the power of Meilisearch to build high-performance search experiences with our isomorphic JavaScript library.

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Fully equipped

The complete toolkit to build superior search experiences with JavaScript (and TypeScript!)

  • Full-text search illustration

    Full-text search

    Prefix search, typo tolerance, synonyms, stop words, filters, and more.

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    Vector search

    Build recommendations, semantic search, and multi-modal experiences thanks to vector storage capabilities.

  • Hybrid search illustration

    Hybrid search

    Blend keyword efficiency and semantic depth for a context-aware search that's precise and relevant.

  • Geo search illustration

    Geo search

    Filter and sort results based on their geographic locations.

  • Multitenancy illustration


    Provide secure search in multi-tenant applications thanks to dedicated API for multitenancy.

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    Open source

    Benefit from all the community learning materials, resources, and support.

Get started with JavaScript

Check out our resources to help you integrate search into your JavaScript and TypeScript applications.

Next.js demo

Check out our live demo and open-source repository to learn how to integrate Meilisearch with Next.js 14. This example application uses hybrid search to allow users to search for movies and find streaming platforms to watch them.

Multitenancy guide

Learn how to implement search in a multi-tenant Node.js application. This step-by-step guide uses the example of a multitenant Node.js application that handles sensitive medical data, allowing patients to search only for their own appointments.

Nuxt ecommerce search guide

Learn how to integrate real time sorting, filtering, and faceted search in this complete guide for Nuxt

Elevate your search experience

Easily craft a best-in-class search.

  • UI components illustration

    UI components

    Benefit from components like search bar, refinement lists, and pagination out of the box.

  • Multiple frameworks illustration

    Multiple frameworks

    Integrate with InstantSearch and use your favorite JavaScript flavor: React, Vue, Angular, or Vanilla JS.

  • Routing illustration


    Keep your pages' URLs in sync with the active filters and pagination state to improve UX and SEO.

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