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An open-source, lightning-fast, and hyper-relevant search engine that fits effortlessly into your apps, websites, and workflow.
Why Meilisearch?

The next generation of search

Meilisearch is a flexible and powerful user-focused search engine that can be added to any website or application.

Lightning fast

Search-as-you-type returns answers in less than 50 milliseconds. That's faster than the blink of an eye!

Plug ‘n play

Deploy in a matter of minutes. Smart presets let you start searching through your data with zero configuration.


Send data to Meilisearch however you want—no need to match a schema or convert your dataset to a compatible format.

Typo tolerant

Everyone makes mistakes! If typos break your search experience, many users will leave thinking what they were looking for just wasn't there.
Open source

Nothing good is built alone

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Start searching through your dataset in less than 5 minutes and quickly connect your codebase to Meilisearch with our official libraries.See all integrations
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Meilisearch is designed to work out-of-the-box, no configuration needed. But we know every project is different, so we made it easy to customize your instance in just a few minutes.


Enhance your user's search experience with custom filters and build a faceted search interface in a few lines of code.

Geo search

Search in the real world. No need for a PhD, we've got you covered.

Language detection

Meilisearch supports all languages and detects them automatically.

Sort by

Sort results based on price, date, or pretty much anything else your users need.

Custom relevancy

Let's break the rules. Use our default ranking rules or create your own.

API keys

Secure your data with API keys that allow fine-grained permissions management.
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Open Source

Did we tell you that everything we do is completely public? Start using Meilisearch now by downloading our open source version.

You can also deploy Meilisearch on any cloud provider such as AWS, GCP or Digital Ocean with our integrations. Use Meilisearch however you want: it's all up to you.


Need to go fast? Meilisearch Cloud takes care of everything so you just have to focus on the most important thing: making sure your users' have a great search experience.

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Join our community and help us make fast and relevant search accessible to everyone. Whether you are a contributor, a user, or you just need answers to questions about Meilisearch, we are here for you.
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